South America Pre & Post Packages

Let yourself fall in love with Chile, Brazil and Argentina by exploring the unique culture and traditions that characterizes this great continent.

Uncover the ancient mysteries of the Incas, the extraordinary wildlife, vast canyons and stunning waterfalls. It is a shame to fly all the way to South America and not savor some of the world’s most exciting places. With our pre or post cruise options, you will be able to truly explore and enjoy these unforgettable destinations.

Buenos Aires, Argentina is a cosmopolitan, energetic city that is rich in culture strongly influenced by Europe, most noted in its 19th century Victorian architecture. By enjoying this alluring port city you will be able to visit one of the world’s finest opera houses, indulge in a tender cut of Argentinean Beef, and be surrounded by Tango dancers and influences.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is a spectacular city full of lush landscapes, wonderful Brazilian food and the famous Samba! By extending your stay you will be able to visit the beaches of Ipanema, Copacabana and be mesmerized by the striking vista of the Sugarloaf Mountain that towers over the city.

Santiago is one of the largest cities in Latin America. It is full of ski resorts, wine-growing regions and wonderful cobblestones plazas, monuments and palaces. There is a large variety of sights that will please all visitors with interests ranging from wonderful shopping for semi-precious lapis stones to trying your luck at the Vina del mar Casino.

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