Port Canaveral/Cocoa Beach Pre-Post Hotel Stay

Cocoa beach is a great spot for a family beach vacation. It is within an hour's drive of Orlando attractions and is located about an hour or so south of Daytona Beach, very near Cape Canaveral and Kennedy Space Center. From northern Cocoa Beach you can actually see the tall shuttle launch facilities at the space center. This is the quintessential beach town. Everywhere you go you'll see people carrying surfboards, and everything pretty much revolves around the beach. One of the great things about Cocoa Beach is the large number of reasonably-priced hotels either on or within a block of the beach.

The Cocoa Beach Pier is a busy place, and has several restaurants, including a tiki-bar at the very end of the 800 foot long pier. For many people that just want to sit at the bar, eat, drink, and look out over the beach, it is a perfect location. Mostly it is a family spot, but of course, as with many "hot-spots" there are always a few posers and hormonally driven individuals strutting and cruising. And it does develop a more serious party atmosphere after dark, especially on the weekends and on holidays. But Cocoa Beach is a very family-friendly place and once you leave the immediate vicinity of the pier, it's fairly quiet.

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